Army Kills 39 Boko Haram Fighters In Cameroon

Thirty-nine Boko Haram fighters have been killed in clashes with Cameroonian troops, according to the defence ministry.

Four civilians were also killed in Friday’s fighting in the far north of Cameroon near Nigeria, AFP reports.

The Islamists in their latest attack targeted the village of Glawi, where they killed four Nigerian refugees and wounded one Cameroonian, “before being pushed back by defence forces which pursued them until the borders,” the ministry said.

According to the ministry, two other groups of Boko Haram Islamists entered Cameroon at around the same time, but were “immediately intercepted and neutralised by our defence forces who destroyed three 4×4 vehicles equipped with machine guns, killing 27 assailants.”

Reports from the Nigerian neighbours have been impressive, with the military appearing to be winning the war against insurgency in the country.

Last week, the Cameroonian army said it killed 107 Islamists during fighting and lost seven gallant soldiers.

Hopes have risen in Nigeria too about the insurgency coming to an end following a ceasefire announced by the federal government recently. With talks said to be ongoing, Nigeria may be closer to to ending the five-year insurgency which has led to the loss of over 10,000 lives. Monday has been reported to be crucial in the truce talks holding in Chad, where the fate of the Chibok girls abducted on April 14 may be decided.

If talks end well tomorrow, Nigerians may be expecting the Chibok girls back home in a matter of days.