Arrested Pastor Says He Needed Money For Church

Lagos operatives arrested a pastor and other members of the gang allegedly responsible for hijacking and diverting trucks transporting goods in Lagos and Ogun states.


According to Vanguard, Federal Anti-robbery Squad (FEDSARS) operatives nabbed Peter Iyasele, Anthony Ibiade, and Amas Debar on a tip-off that a gang had hijacked a 25ft container with air conditioners worth over N25 million.

The men drove the stolen truck to their warehouse in Ibadan, where they were soon arrested. Out of 25 units of the conditioners, 23 were recovered, one of them was damaged.

During the interrogation Peter, who worked as a transporter, narrated his story.

“My name is Peter Iyesele, 56-year-old, I am married and I have four children. I am a pastor and I have a church along Badagry expressway. I was arrested at Igando bus-stop for participating in hijacking and diversion of goods worth over N25 million. I have been engaging in these operations for years but after a while I stopped and invested proceeds from the operations in transportation.

He continued explaining how “a call from God” made him actually take up the illegal action again.

“For about nine years, I didn’t participate in any of these operations because I had made enough from the operations until I received a call from God to serve him. I was doing well in my transportation business before I was duped by a woman. The reason I went back into robbing was to get money to expand the church of God where I pastor. If I had succeeded, I would have used the proceeds to build a house for God.”

While one more member of the gang identified as Oliver is yet to be arrested, the other suspects have been charged to court.

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