At least 60 people reportedly dead after regime forces drop bombs on Idlib camp housing refugees


At least 60 people have been killed and dozens injured, activists say, after a Syrian government helicopter dropped two barrel bombs on a camp for people displaced by fighting in the country’s north, charring some bodies beyond recognition.

The bombs were dropped on a camp near al-Habeet in the northern province of Idlib on Wednesday, mostly killing women and children at the camp, an activist revealed.

The activist told reporters that no presence of armed groups was reported in the vicinity of the camp.

He said the dozens of injured people were rushed to a hospital 30 minutes away.

Footage posted on YouTube showed corpses of women and children and burning tents while people scrambled to save the wounded. “It’s a massacre of refugees,” a voice off camera said.

“Let the whole world see this, they are displaced people. Look at them, they are civilians, displaced civilians. They fled the bombardment,” the man’s voice said.

A man in another video of the Abedin camp, which houses people who had escaped fighting in neighboring Hama province, said as many as 75 people had died.

Barrel bombs are crudely-made containers filled with nails, metal shrapnel and explosive which are dropped from helicopters.

The regime has pressed on with using barrel bombs in civilian areas despite a UN resolution banning their indiscriminate use in populated areas.

Nearly 10 million people have been displaced by Syria’s civil war, which started in 2011 with protests but grew into an armed revolt when security forces cracked down on the demonstrations.

An estimated 3 million refugees have fled the country and the conflict has killed close to 200,000 people, according to the UN.