Boko Haram Members Have Denied Knowing Negotiator Of Ceasefire – Sani

Human rights activist and former Boko Haram negotiator Shehu Sani, has joined the long list of Nigerians who have expressed doubts over reports that the Nigerian military and Boko Haram have agreed a ceasefire.

The Chief of Defence Staff, Alex Badeh, Friday announced the ceasefire deal and called back all field officers prosecuting the war against Boko Haram.

The deal was said to have been agreed following a meeting between the two parties, where the Principal Secretary to the President Goodluck Jonathan, Hassana Tukur represented the FG, while Danladi Ahmadu represented Boko Haram.

According to Sani, sources have told him that Boko Haram members have denied knowing any Ahmadu as their representative.

“All my attempts to confirm the ceasefire deal did not produce any result. My sources are telling me that they don’t know who that person is,” Sani said.

Speaking further, Sani argued that such important information could only have been announced by the leader of the group.

“Any statement that is not coming from the leader of the group cannot be said to be credible and will not be complied with by the group members,” he said.

In tweets expressing his doubts, Journalist, Ahmad Salkida also said the news was accepted with open arms by Nigerians, who are apparently fed up with the way things were.

“I guess Nigerians are tired and at such, any news that offers respite on this protracted war between Nigeria & #BokoHaram is always welcomed,” Salkida wrote.

“Sadly anybody that demised such good news becomes Nigeria’s enemy. But the leadership of #BH are said to be miffed that a nation of the profile and magnitude of Nigeria, with high level of intelligent people is being easily encased in deceit & nobody seems to be asking tough questions.

“What is most worrying here is, government at the highest level & d intelligence formations in #Nigeria has embraced this ‘good news this shows lack of understanding of the reality that this is an ideology that can only be neutralised after long hardwork that is yet to start,” wrote Salkida.

“It also appears that govt is more interested in shadows and bubbles, than in substance and clear headed engagement with the #BH ideology.
May God help #Nigeria.”


  1. GEJ is C-in-C and the arrowhead of BH. It’s amazing how was able to hide it from you till date. He personally supervised the last Eagle Square. Go and check his initial immediate reactions to it.
    BH’s lack of weapons and funds replenishment from GEJ has enhanced victory for the Nigerian and Cameroon soldiers.
    Oritjeshafor’s plane belongs to GEJ. Its failures in SA has brought BH to a standstill which has made a ceasefire compelling because of shortages of weapons and funds.
    If SA hurriedly returns the $15m, it could be used by GEJ to acquire weapons for BH elsewhere to continue it’s terrorist action. SA shld be told to please hold the money for a little while so that the Nigerian military could consolidate on the ceasefire.
    Well done Sani for all the risks taken over BH to save our fatherland. May God bless you.
    May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.