Boko Haram: Moles In The Military Supplying Information To Terrorists Arrested

There are moles in the Nigeria Army, who have been leaking security information to terror group Boko Haram, indications have emerged.

Several soldiers suspected to be guilty of leaking information to the terrorists have been arrested by military authorities.

Their actions, according to reports, led to a series of ambush and killing of over 30 Nigerian soldiers in recent times.

Several of the arrested soldiers serve either as orderlies or aide-de-camps, ADCs to Commanders of Troops on the field.

It will be recalled that an ambush by the Boko Haram had led to the killing of many soldiers of the 101 Battalion that consequently led to soldiers’ mutiny and the shooting at the General Officer Commanding (GOC) 7 Division, Major General Ahmed Mohammed. His armoured official car saved his life. These suspected moles were said to be responsible for the ambush.

The recent shooting of the Nigerian Airforce Alpha Jet on September 12 was also traced to the series of information leaked by the soldiers.

With terrorists seeming to know every of the troops’ moves beforehand, mutual suspicions have been going on for a while among the army ranks.

“The situation became so bad that there was mutual suspicion among fellow commanders, the Brigade headquarters and even the Division headquarters. But at last, the moles were found out to be some of the orderlies and aides of Commanders. What they do is that after operational briefings and troops take off, these moles immediately pass on the information through calls,” reports Vanguard, quoting a “reliable source”.

The source said it had been difficult for the Military to discover the traitors before now due to the virtue of their positions.

“Who will suspect that an orderly or the ADC of a Commander will be the one giving out information. He does everything for the Commander and he is with him all the time. He is the last person that would be suspected. But thank God, they have been exposed; the truth is now known,” the source said.

A Board of Inquiry (BOI) had since been set up to investigate the suspects further and find out if there are more officers of the military involved.

After investigations are concluded, a General Court Martial will be constituted to try the soldiers for Criminal Conspiracy among others.


  1. I strongly believe the number of days of Boko Haram are numbered. God helping, all the moles will be flushed out and by then let see how superior Boko Haram are to the Nigerian military. Their strength had been unsuspecting ambush of military men, so when these moles are out of the way, they will soon be crushed.


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