Buhari Floors Jonathan In His Own Poll

Nigerians have chosen former Head of State Muhammadu Buhari over Dr Goodluck Jonathan, to become their next leader.

In a result that may come as a shock to the supporters of President Goodluck Jonathan, Buhari has raked 69.98 percent of votes against the president’s 26.65 percent as at 18:36 Nigerian time.

Special Assistant to President Jonathan on new media, Reno Omokri had on Thursday put up a poll in which he sought to know who Nigerians would rather choose between Buhari and Jonathan, if they were both vying for presidency.

In the poll published on buildupnigeria.com, Omokri asked: “If the Nigerian Presidential election were held today, who would you vote for between President Goodluck Jonathan and General Muhammadu Buhari?”

Buhari already has 6,489 votes, while Jonathan has 2,471 votes. 313 were yet to decide if they’d vote for either of the two.

Jonathan has not officially declared his intention to run for re-election, but all indications show that the Zoologist president is willing to stay at the Aso Rock for four more years. Buhari on the other hand has refused to be discouraged by past failures as he has picked up a nomination form of the All Progressives Congress (APC), as he seeks to become the party’s flag bearer for the 2015 presidential election. While nothing makes it certain that both of them will be contesting election in 2015, chances are high they will face at the polls. The current standing at the poll put up by the president’s aide.

Although numbers may change as time goes on, as the poll is still open, Nigerians might have seized the opportunity to give the president and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) a piece of their mind.

The presidency is expected to watch the poll closely and think up strategies to ensure the current state of the poll does not truly reflect what will happen at the 2015 presidential election.


  1. Why you people are decieving yourselves. Buhari has nothing to offer us in this country,if not bcos of gen. Tunde Idiagbon,wht has he contributed to the Nigeria’s progress? So Dr. GEJ will remain our president come 2015 by God’s grace.

  2. Some kindergarten pupils supporting the corrupt president won’t stop from amusing me, was it Tunde Idiagbon that also established the refineries built by Muhammadu Buhari as the nation petroleum minister then? Was it Idiagbon that supplied drugs and hospital equipments to public hospitals across the country and also tarred many roads as PTF chair? Foolish animals who reason from anus. Goodluck Jonathan is goner, the time has come for the great GMB to rule Nigeria again, you can go on self imposed exile if you aren’t comfortable.

  3. All the merging of opposition parties to form APC is to aspire BUARI, Is better we should not waste time to merge. This is telling the entire Country Nigeria from North to South that the party APC does not have Presidential candidate. The same drama will going to repeat itself for our last general election. This time 2015, they will recruit other set of boy’s to roast people’s children. God, save us from this madness they are planning.

  4. Well the polls can always change,but for the love of Nigeria let’s hope it doesn’t. There is need for change. Jonathan has not done enough for the masses, Buhari may be the change we’ve been waiting for.

  5. The corrupted minds always support the corrupted element for their egocentric interests and bigotric parochialism. Jonathan has caused Nigeria unbearable price that the Nigeria will continue to suffer in future. Buhari had proved to the whole world that he is honest and he has the interest and the enthusiasm to reform and standardize our nation, Nigeria. May God safe Nigerians and Nigeria from the hands of desperate despotics who have no interest of ordinary masses at hearts. Ameen.

  6. non body has ever rule this country and leave a better plan on how next leader sud operate is a pity both jona and buhari cannot offer us anything gud,but if re left with only the two lets
    vote jonathan.this country we change only and only untill a government decide on what to do for next 20yrs and the population accept. and it become law that before govt do any infrastructre project they publicise it and population says yes or no.the power giving to our political office holder is so much dat they do what they like with our money.

  7. It has bcoms impretiv dat evry citizen of dis country must stand to d test of time and ensure proper machineries are put in place to curtail d challenges deviweling our country. My country men & women be wise & vote for d ryt person comes 2015

  8. Anyone wishing Goodluck to continue for the next four years despite the multitude of problems confronting all of us as a people without a way out; such an individual is not only a sycophant; but an arch enemy of this country period.

  9. In terms of personality JONATHAN is good but this country NIGERIA is too big for him rule that is why he hardly know the way forward in policy making. as for BUHARI if it happen to be the one APC elected he can be tried due to his past records and experience provided it he still remain BUHARI/ IDIAGBON of then.


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