Cameroon Will Not Relent Until It Crushes Boko Haram – President Biya

Cameroon will continue the fight against Boko Haram until the Islamist sect is totally wiped out, President Paul Biya has vowed.

“The Cameroonian government assures you that it will ceaselessly continue to fight Boko Haram until it’s totally wiped out,” said Biya on Monday after 27 Cameroonians and Chinese abducted by the terrorists had been delivered to authorities on Friday night.

Although the government did not make public how the abducted people regained their freedom, but reports citing security sources say ransom was paid and some terrorists in custody were also freed in exchange.

Boko Haram has been unleashing terror in Nigeria’s north since 2009, but neighbouring countries like Cameroon had in recent times beared the brunt of spillover effect of terrorism in Nigeria’s border states.

The Chinese, who just regained their freedom in Cameroon, were seized in May from a construction camp in Waza near the border with Nigeria. One Cameroonian soldier was killed in the attack.

Although the Islamist group did not claim responsibility for the kidnapping of the Chinese workers and the Cameroonians, the group is known for series of abduction, using their victims as bargaining chips.

On October 7, Cameroon, Chad, Niger, and Nigeria agreed to dispatch 700 soldiers to target the group. Although not much success can be said to have been recorded, the collaboration appear as the best way to end the terrorists from continuing their campaign anytime soon.