Christian Group Urges APC To Adopt Buhari As Presidential Candidate

BuhariA Christian Non-Governmental Organisation, NGO, Each forth Nigeria, has thrown its weight behind the presidential bid of General Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd.) on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The group urged the leadership of APC to adopt the former head of state as its flag bearer in the 2015 presidential election.

National Chairman of the organisation, Rev. Yunana Oganto, said in a statement that events at the declaration of intention by Buhari at the Eagle Square last week, were clear indications of his acceptability across the country.

He said: “It must be emphatically stated that the APC has no option in deciding who the presidential candidate should be, as the issue is finally being settled by the Nigerian masses”.

Rev. Oganto, however, stated that the All Progressives Congress (APC) would need to collectively take a decisive and pragmatic decision by adopting the proposal by the Nigerian masses, as represented in General Muhammadu Buhari’s candidacy.


  • APC could be an opposition party but not the patriotic opposition party/ies nigerians need in today,s 21stcentury domestic and global politics
    An inconsistent, visionless, revolutionist, deceitful, propagandists and unpatriotic party. a party that never saw anything Good about their members,Nigerians and the country
    APC a party of the few by the few for the detriment of nigerian people and the nation. A party that act before thinking, a party with no ideology but attacking PDP, a. Solid ruling party with ideology,disciplined with public-private partnership economic blueprint to develop the country. PDP, a democratic party that ushered in democracy in 1999 which some members of APC thought would never happened. Today, democracy in Nigeria is evolving and now being enjoyed by the same unpatriotic and retrogressive politicians who are now parading themselves as progressives. Today, under president Goodluck Jonathan, we have rule of law that was absent under ex-president muhammad buhari, who in the anal of militocracy in Nigeria has the highest abuse of human rights. Very disturbing to see Rtd general buhari who once accused baba alande of corruption being in the same APC party and calling themselves, progressives. Fellow nigerians, nigeria and nigerians are sophisticated people and country. Let us believe in our country, appreciate each other, work together to bring the best out each other and country. God loves nigeria
    Today, our economy is among the best.yes, it has not translate much in the standard of living of our people which president Goodluck Jonathan is aware and working assiduously creating that enabling environment in the areas of physical infrastructural development like construction and rehabilitation of roads, increasing the transmission, distribution and consumption of electricity which has improved compare to what it used to be. Today, the energy sector has recorded higher level of private participation and electricity, our banks are among the best in the world and government investment in technology has made nigerians to be more enlightened and computer literate. Today,under PDP government, women and youth are being appreciated,supported and being given the opportunity to participate in politics,thanks to our first lady, dame patience Jonathan who has been campaigning for 35 percent women participation and holding of political offices in Nigeria
    .president Goodluck Jonathan, Public-Private economic policies and programmes are working,the transformation agenda policy of pdp government is transforming lives and empowering women’s youth of our country
    Nigeria, a country full of both human potentials and natural resources. PDP,POWER.A PATRIOTIC AND PROGRESSIVE PARTY FOR A 21STCENTURY DEVELOPED NIGERIA.
    God bless Nigeria.

  • This so called Rev Yunana Oganto, re u sure that u re an ordained minister of the gospel or minister of ur selfish pocket? How could u with ur right senses (or u re talking to enrich ur pocket) think to adopt Buhari (sharia law specialist) to rule over u? Incase u have made up ur mind to become a muslim u re suppose to be as ur name indicated. I and my christain brothers will not allow that to happen. May God have mercy on u (us) Amen

    • @cinta, I’m really surprised at your comment. I am a christian, a proud one at that. This forthcoming presidential election is what will determine the future of this country and I will never be a pawn in the hands of our leaders to be used in their religious chess game.

      I ask myself, has a Christian president made my life or that of other christians better and adherents of other religions worse in Nigeria? Has a Fashola governorship eradicated poverty in the lives of other muslims in Lagos? Hunger and poverty are no respecters of tribe and religion. With all recent happenings in Nigeria, if Goodluck and his cohorts believe that Buhari is the brainbox of insurgency, what is stopping them from inviting him to face the Department of State Security for questioning or even arresting him? The truth is that they have digged into his records and found nothing incriminating. The only way to destroy him is to play the politics of religion and call him a sharia/islamic fundamentalist.


      Here is a man who served as PTDF chairman without a single oil well, the least paid retired General of the Nigerian Army, the initiator of the monthly environmental sanitation that we practise till date, he has no single foreign bank account or properties, he discovered and recommended the late Prof. Dora Akunyili, established a task force to ensure that the prices of commodities (which the masses buy) are not increased indiscriminately, reduced inflation from 23% to less than 8%, etc. ALL IN ONLY 20 MONTHS.

      Please google and read more before you come here chanting religious sentiments. A christian president coming out to say that stealing is not corruption, shielding corrupt people like Diezani, Stella Oduah, Maina the pension thief, etc… You still call that a christian???????

      Seek knowledge and be free from religious myopia.

  • Rev, how much you collect to display this kind of ignorance. Na longer throat make Judas Iscariot sell Jesus and na longer throat dey drive you so oh. Remember the thirty pieces of silver.

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