Comedian AY Speaks On BON Award Controversy


One of Nigeria’s biggest names in comedy, AY, whose real name is Ayo Makun, has reacted to the building controversy about the recently held BON Awards.

While addressing the matter, AY said: –

‘One reason why I may never go into politics can be traced to how people will be so willing to quote me negatively at any given opportunity.  I have been a victim of being misquoted overtime. I have made and acquired more enemies than friends as a result of lies that received negative baptism of fire to become facts. Should I say, ‘I was there when Governor Ameachi insulted Nollywood at the BON Awards in Port Harcourt?  No! I cannot be a party to such political besmirching and advance social  media mechanism channelled through sensational bias. The other time it was ‘how come Mr President would have all the time in the world to watch Omoni Oboli’s ‘Being Mrs Elliot’ in Aso Rock?’ Now some of us are already misquoting a man who took his time to invite BON Awards to Rivers State for the purpose of celebrating Nollywood. With news like these flying around, I wonder when next the president or governors will be inviting Nollywood anytime soon for another event. Finally, I think BON Awards should release the video of Governor Amaechi’s speech for the world to see how some of us can never be agent of change in a society that endorses us as its mirror.


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