Constitution review: NASS Didn’t Remove Labour From Exclusive Legislative List – Ihedioha

Emeka-Ihedioha-300x272The House of Representatives on Thursday clarified that the National Assembly did not remove labour matters from the Exclusive Legislative List, contrary to reports making the rounds.

Deputy Speaker of the House, Mr. Emeka Ihedioha, cleared the air amid threats by organized labour to embark on strike action over the development.

Ihedioha, who is the Chairman, House Committee on Constitution Review, explained that both the Senate and the House retained labour on the exclusive list when they recently passed the new amendments to the 1999 Constitution.

However, he pointed out that it was the upper chamber that initially moved labour to the Concurrent List in its own report, while the House retained it on the exclusive list.

The deputy speaker noted that during the conference meeting of the two chambers on the amendments, the House’ version was jointly adopted by the two chambers and later passed.

Part of a statement he issued to douse tension on the issue, read: “‎It has become necessary to clarify that the Conference report of the Constitution Review Committee recently adopted by the Senate and House of Representatives did not remove Labour from the Exclusive Legislative List.

“The Senate had earlier put Labour on the Concurrent List but the House retained it in the Exclusive List.

“During the Harmonisation of the Reports from the two Chambers, the Conference Committee adopted the House version and retained Labour on the Exclusive List.

“Both Senate and the House of Representatives have now adopted the Conference Committee Report which retained Labour on the Exclusive Legislative List.

“We are at a loss as to where the false and misleading information on this matter emanated from”.


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