Contestant beg for 2nd chance after eviction on Gulder Ultimate Search XI


For the first time ever in the history of Gulder Ultimate Search, contestant Ikenna Emedike fondly known as Ikenna E the doctor appealed to the council of elders for a second chance after the anchorman Chidi Mokeme called him out as ‘Evicted’.

Ikenna who recently bore the ‘Stump of Shame’, which made him ‘deaf and dumb’ for a day after disobeying the council of elders, ‘Stood on Stump’ after sleeping in a luxury room alongside three other contestants, was also unable to complete the Octagon Chart task.

The Octagon Chart task involved contestants arranging three pieces of a hexagon to form the word ‘AXE’.

Shortly after eight contestants had completed their tasks, Ikenna finished his and attempted to proceed but was stopped by the anchorman Chidi Mokeme who said:

“But unfortunately for you Ikenna, stay right there because you are hereby evicted from the UltimateSearch… Goodbye”

Ikenna, in an emotion-laden voice responded,

“Excuse me sir, I don’t want to go sir, give me one more chance, please sir”

The anchorman however showed no sympathy.

Ikenna Emedike joins Nwagbagiro Sandra, Iwuoha Ikenna, Nwagboso Joshua, Eriata Blessing & Erijakpor Loretta who have also been evicted from Gulder Ultimate Search XI The Mission.

The night also saw the remaining eight contestants Nne Cosy Joe, Ubachukwu Chinedu, Otto Canon Chimenem, Afolabi Emmanuel Olusegun, Iroh Noela, Appi Samantha, Robinson Sharon and Addoh Evi elected into the General’s Army.

Watch Ikenna’s Eviction video: Here

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