Critics of Buhari’s Presidential Ambition ‘Enemies Of Nigeria’ – Tsav

Abubakar-TsavA former Commissioner of Police, Abubakar Tsav, has dubbed those urging retired Maj-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari not to contest the 2015 presidential elections “enemies of Nigeria”.

Mr. Tsav told the News Agency of Nigeria on Saturday in Makurdi that those opposed to Mr. Buhari’s participation in the electoral process were political saboteurs and enemies of the country.

“Such persons are either agents of corruption or are corrupt themselves and dishonest.

Buhari has been tested four times and each time he proved that he is honest and incorruptible.

“He was military governor but never stole a dime; he was minister of petroleum still he never stole as head of state, he never stole, instead, he introduced discipline and orderly behaviour in society”, Mr. Tsav said.

The former commissioner dismissed allegations of religious extremism against the former head of state, saying that his driver is a Christian till date.

Mr. Tsav, who is also an anti-corruption crusader, said that Mr. Buhari had no house either in Abuja or Lagos or in any part of the world.

He said the country needs honest politicians like Mr. Buhari to restore its lost glory, regretting that the country had “slided into a culture of impunity with top government officials siphoning public funds without shame”.

Mr. Tsav criticised the recent arms deal in South Africa and the involvement of highly placed Nigerians, stressing that the country needs an upright leader to redeem its battered image.



  1. Lire is all about GIVE and TAKE . But is rather unFortunate for those who beleived in defending His/Her aquired wealth that wiLl eventually perish rather than the Land of opportunity that will surely remain with their record Forever.Stop defending Vanity allow Nigeria to move forward.

  2. To all people who don’t want development and good leadership of Nigeria should keep quiet and watch those that are ready to do the job. I strongly stand for Buhari and I will vote for him. I never know what he stand for or what he want to do but I believe in Nigeria dream and he only can make a difference in this new century of ours.


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