Ebola: Jonathan Wanted All Of Us To Die – Amaechi

Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi has alleged that President Goodluck Jonathan had in recent times shown how much he hates the state and its peole, for no just cause.

“When Ebola broke out, to show you how much the President hates us, he visited Lagos. Did he visit us? He did not care. He wanted all of us to die. And I took it as a challenge and say none of us will die. I brought out money,” said Amaechi at a rally to celebrate the seventh anniversary of his Supreme Court victory at the Amesiemaka Stadium in Ikwerre local government area of the state.

He continued: “It took the President at the end of Ebola to give us ordinary 200 million naira. I released one billion, one hundred and six million naira to fight Ebola. See our airport. The President lands there. We are like refugees,” he said.

Giving further reasons to back up his allegation that Jonathan hates Rivers, Amaechi said the president once frustrated his administration’s effort to give Rivers people potable water.

“We were to give Port Harcourt water. As I am talking to you, the Minister of Finance has refused to move the file back to the executive council for approval so that you can have water,” he said, adding that the president also took some oil wells belonging to Rivers.

“They said the reason the President is not performing in Rivers is because he is quarrelling with the governor. Okay, what is the quarrel with the governor of Cross River and Akwa Ibom that the road to Cross River is abandoned? Are they quarrelling  too? It is more of lack of performance.”

Amaechi, who spoke to his supporters at the 40,000 capacity stadium said he had passed his popularity test.

“Today I decided to test my popularity. They have made too much noise. The President said we exist in posters and bill boards. So we brought a large bill board for him. If the President is not watching they will give him security report. This stadium is 40,000 sitting capacity, I built it. One of them campaigning for governorship was the contractor to do the road. He abandoned the road and took N3 billion and left. Now he wants to become governor, a thief will not be our governor,” he said.

He challenged the presidency and other members of the Peoples Democratic party (PDP) to an integrity test, nothing that corruprion had eaten deep into the country.

“I challenge them to integrity test, any of them, from Abuja to Rivers State, I challenge them to integrity test. I have worked with them. I have their records, they are in the office of the governor. I challenge them to go ahead. The problem we have is that EFCC is no longer working. Corruption is at its industrial scale. Thieves are thieves, we now have an industry called corruption,” Amaechi lamented.

He therefore urged the people of the state to vote wisely in the coming elections.

“They don’t care for you. Punish PDP with your vote,” he said.

Amaechi thanked Justices of the Supreme Court for delivering the judgement that brought him in as governor in 2007.

Dignitaries present at the event include Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State, Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwanso of Kano State, National Chairman of the APC, Chief John Odigie Oyegun, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and Major General Muhamadu Buhari (rtd).


  1. Amaechi,I think is completely out of his mind and lost his sense of reasoning. His utterance in recent time bcos of politics is very absurd..he should tread softly. Thief calls another thief…

  2. I think this man is gone awry. He needs to be re-examine, the president wants the whole rivers people dead bcos of you have a row with him. See criminal calling other people thieves, telling Nigerians you spent about N1.2bn on ebola alone makes you the biggest criminal of all time. Which ebola did you spend such money in rivers state on? Every opening is an opportunity for Nigerians like you to steal. To hell you piper! Nigeria will excel despite your stinky mouth.

  3. Rotimi,Jonathan’s spirit nust be haunting you day and night. Are u no longer in control of ur mind. You can’t make any statement without mentioning Jonathan. Leave him alone and face ur future.

  4. @ Larry, Jonathan spirit can’t hunt ordinary house fly not to talk of human being like d fearless ROTIMI A. Let pdp do their own integrity test naaa!

  5. I really pity rotimi ameachi,I really hope he reads this piece .believe me the day of reckoning is nigh when he I’ll accountable to his people. river state people are not known to be lap dogs let alone lap pigs.rotimi has really brought shame to him self ,he has taking it too far at this age and time when the net bears records that can be called up.he like tinubu,junide,Bisi akande,buba Galadima and lie Mohammed all drink from the same pool of religious vermin,the exception being that tinubu’s
    drug related past is protected by the northern gamut.May be ameachi’s running mouth is initiated by the I’ll getting oil well he has been giving

  6. Dis politicians are d ones causing problems in dis country if u wnt to campaign do it without pass side words to other parties do ur own thing abeg u people shud nt kill us by ur imature politics bcos it is only d poor mases dat are suffering

  7. Our problem in dis country is d inability to say d truth. Is GEJ d president of some states? If he is havin issues wit rotomi,wat has dat got to do wit d pple of river state dat he could neglect dem wen dey ve issues as deadly as ebola, if rotimi is talkin about Mr president in dis manner,den d president should check where he lost his respect wit rotimi.a child does not jst stop respectin u over nyt, u must ve done sometin dat caused him to change his attitude towards u.between rotimi n GEJ, deir rift is beyong being opposition n wen d tym comes, dey ll sort demslves.


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