Ebola: Lagos To Send Health Workers To Sierra Leone

As Ebola outbreak in West Africa continues to grip Sierra Leone, the Lagos State Government has disclosed it was deploying some health workers who helped Nigeria contain the virus, to the country.

Speaking at a programme to commemorate the 2,700 Days of his administration in office, Governor Babatunde Fashola said the health workers having helped Lagos contain the Ebola Virus Disease, are expected to replicate the feat in the Sierra-leone.

Fashola, who said although Nigeria was now Ebola-free, the continued existence of the virus in other countries still puts the country at risk.

Fashola therefore explained that the state’s planned mission to Sierra Leone was not only to assist the country to overcome the great health challenge, but also reduce the risk of the disease to countries within the sub-region.

1,200 deaths have been recorded in Sierra Leone as at October 14.

“Lagos is free from Ebola, Nigeria is free from Ebola. But that does not mean there cannot be another case; for as long as people are moving from countries to countries ,the risk of infections is still there.

“That is why I appeal to the Federal Government to continue to scrutinise people travelling into Nigeria from land,sea and air from regions where the problem is still ravaging.

“That is why some of the things the commissioner for health will be announcing very soon is the arrangements we are making to send some of our health workers and volunteers to go and help out in Sierra Leone.

“That is the only way we, the whole of Africa and the World can be safe,” said Fashola.

About 600 volunteers have also been deployed by the Nigerian Centre for Diseases Control to join in the international effort to end the outbreak of the Ebola virus.


  1. That’s the spirit! I particularly love the idea that the Lagos state governor has foresight enough to anticipate that the Ebola virus can make a comeback if it’s not properly tackled in other neighboring countries.



    [aside] If Nigeria can approach all pressing national issues with the same fervor it tackled the Ebola scourge, we would certainly be a world power before 2020!

  2. Tx, to the abled Gov.Fashola, he knows Nigeria problem, the porous borders. Sawyer came in through our Airport without proper check. Last week I passed through Seme Border to Cotonue. There were about 14 check points, evenly distributed between the two countries,the officers non officer were busy collecting illegal tolls from the motorists.

    However,about 95% of the pedestrians are free to fro. Beside there are bushpaths.

    The main point here there is no single place where people are cheked for Ebola virus. If prevention is better than cure, Lagos State should send health workers to every border that leads to Lagos. This will go a long way to help Nigeria. Thereafter, other countries can be assissted.

    Eko o ni baje !!!!!!!!
    Long life Nigeria !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!