Ego: “Biblical injunctions killed my love for tattoos”


I bet you still remember Lagbaja’s former singing partner, Ego Iheanacho? Well she has said even though she loves tattoos and wanted to get it at a time, she’s now glad she never did.

According to the velvet voiced star, whose songs with the masked musician, especially ‘Never far away’ has become a nostalgic reminder of how good their partnership was, she didn’t carry her love for tattoos over the line because she feels it would make her a child of the devil.

The sweet-voiced singer in a recent interview with Punch, highlighted reasons why she detests tattoos saying: ‘My first reason borders on religion. There is a part of the Bible that is against writing anything on your body. I feel if I do it, I am the devil’s child. At a time I wanted to get it, I went to the tattoo parlour but for a weird reason, it did not happen. It was like a phase and after a while, I got over it. I actually wanted to choose between tattoo and my dreadlocks; I could not have them both.’

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