Fashola Declares October 15 As Horn-free Day In Lagos

In a bid to reduce noise pollution in Lagos, a state with over 20 million people, the government says it will mandate everyone driving a vehicle across the state on October 15 every year to desist from the use of horns and other related devices.

Unveiling an Action Plan to back this up, Governor Babatunde Fashola said it became imperative due to messages being sent in by residents of the change on the challenge of noise pollution.

Action “is required to reduce noise pollution in the metropolis and suburbs,” said Fashola at the Lagos drivers’ appreciation day, a programme organised by the state Ministry of Transportation to sensitise drivers on the horn-free day at Alausa yesterday.

According to him, the volume of noise due to the hustle and bustle in Lagos is self-inflicted. “Things can be better if only citizen can amend their ways of living.

“What you see is the way we now chose to live. It is because we choose to live in a very noisy environment which could be changed for better. We also tend to be noisy ourselves. So, we speak at the top of our voices, we play music at a very high volume. We do so many things at a very high noise level.”

Speaking further, Fashola said “It is not necessarily that we do not have something better to do, but we are also responding to citizens, tax payers who have written, sent text messages and petitioned on a daily basis because somebody is preventing them from sleeping either from the noise the person is making or other uncharitable activities that they are carrying out without regards for the well being of their neighbours.”

Fashola therefore called on residents of the state to avoid noise-generating activities as much as possible, in support of the government’s drive to reduce noise pollution.

The governor at the event, honoured 25 drivers for strict obedience to the traffic regulations.



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