Gombe Screens 3,000 Applicants For Mass Wedding

Gombe State Committee on Mass Wedding, Tuesday said screening of the 3,000 applicants for the second batch of the nuptial exercise has commenced.

The state married 720 couples out across the state, under the first batch of the programme in April. The couples include 32 non-Muslims, 76 Muslim Spinster and 612 Muslim divorcees.

In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria, Publicity Secretary of the Committee and Senior District Head of Gombe, Alhaji Abdulkadir Abubakar said the committee, which had different sub-committees, was mandated to screen applicants for several cases including pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis.

Abubakar commended the Gombe State government for helping the less privileged get married by introducing the programme.

Apart from helping the poor people in the state get married, the Committee’s public secretary added that the programme will help reduce the spread of HIV/AIDs in the state.

Application forms were made available at the 11 local government areas of the state for the scheme that will see successful applicants being provided with dowry, foodstuff, clothing, furniture and kitchen utensils.