Here’s what supposedly caused the riot at Kirikiri Prisons today


There were reports earlier today that inmates of Kirikiri Medium Prisons attempted a jail break leading to the death & injury of many. But according to new reports, it may not have been a jail break

Now this is not confirmed but according to someone who is involved in Prison Outreach and was supposed to be at prison tomorrow, he got a mail from the co-ordinator of the outreach informing them that their visit has been cancelled due to an incident at the prison this afternoon. In the email that was sent out, what happened at the prison was explained. See it after the cut…

Please be advised that the Prison Outreach for tomorrow at Kirikiri Prisons has been cancelled.

Apparently, at the Kirikiri Medium Prison , the inmate GO bought himself a microphone and a fan with his own money today and the Deputy Controller of the prison did not approve of it. The DCP ordered the GO to be locked up in isolation. This infuriated the inmates and demanded the release of the GO.

A mob of inmates started throwing stones at the authorities. Hence, DCP ordered the Prison Mobile Unit to shoot on sight. Shots were fired sporadically into the inmates and scores are dead. I was informed that the K-9 Unit was also dispatched into the inmate population. The GO has been bitten several times and in critical condition.

Please be praying for him and the entire inmate population. Some of the ones who died might not have had any contact with family members since their incarceration.

I will keep you keep you all posted on developments.


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