Iyabo Ojo Talks About Her Fashion Lifestlye

In an exclusive interview with Punch, Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo revealed her fashion weakness and her infamous ‘she-devil make-up’ she now admits is a mistake. Here’s what she told the newspaper;

What is your weakness when it comes to fashion?

I would say perfumes and shoes. I have over 50 bottles of perfumes and they are all designers while I have about 200 pairs of shoes; I have actually lost count of how many shoes I own. I know how it sounds but I am a shoe freak, it could be high or low, it could be slippers, sandals or sneakers depending on what I am wearing. I love shoes generally and I just can’t stop buying them. I also love my perfumes.

What is the most laughable fashion mistake you have ever made?

There was a period that I used to wear what was referred to as the ‘she-devil make-up’, it is when you have to draw a very long line on your eyebrow and you draw it up at the end. I used to do that type of make-up but now when I see my old pictures where I was on that make-up, I just laugh. I ask myself if I actually did that. I think things like that change with age and time



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