Jonathan Has Performed Better Than Any Nigerian President Ever – TAN

Dr Goodluck Jonathan is the best president Nigeria has ever had, the Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria’s (TAN) Director of Media, Dr Udenta Udenta has said.

“President Jonathan has outperformed all other Nigerian presidents,” Udenta asserted, while speaking with journalists in Abuja on Friday.

“We have the facts. We have so far carried out several messages in largest TV networks and no one has countered one of the messages and claims. None of the figures has been countered by even our critics,” he added.

According to Udenta, at least 12.2 million Nigerians had endorsed President Jonathan for the 2015 Presidential election, so far. Breaking down the president’s support base, he said 4.1 million signatures were gotten from the South-South, 2.3 million from North-West, 1.8 million from South-West, 1.6 million from South-East, 1.2 million from North-Central and 1.1 million from Nigeria’s North-East.

TAN’s nationwide rallies is drawing to a close, with the grand finale rally at the Eagle Square in Abuja, where Jonathan is expected to formally declare his intention to seek re-election in 2015.


  • Really? Edema dukes brain is demented. He has been given só much money that He has never Seen in his entire life , so He is talking bullshit. Jonathan is even worse then abacha. He is as clueless as Duke who has never anything meaningful as minister.

  • Mr Udenta, wot a pity! We thought people like you and ur “rented 12.2 million Nigerians” had gone with Abacha era! As the “largest party” in Africa, Jonathan is the only credible candidate you can present with lots of unresolved allegations around his govt ranging frm stealing which is different frm corruption, kidnapping, political assassination, unemployment, no electricity to many others. Infact, u a disgrace to this generation.

  • whoever that is saying this administration is the best lack sense of humanity and integrity. As far as Nigerians are concern this administration have nothing to write home about.

  • This man does not live in this country, as well as the world which people live in. Not only is Jonathan dispersed in Nigeria for his non performance, the world leaders know that he is very corrupt and lacking the brain to lead a country like Nigeria. He is a thief, inept and clueless about leadership. He should be going straight to jail come April, 2015 for stealing Nigeria dry in the six years he has been in office.

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