Kemi Omotoyinbo’s death was very preventable – Sola Fajana


Dancer Kemi Omotoyinbo died on October 1st after being in and out of labour for several days at a private hospital in Lagos. Wellness doctor, Sola Fajana says her death was preventable. Read what he wrote below…

I read about Kemi Omotoyinbo’s death some few days back and I still feel so much burden to write about it. She is a popular dancer and died during child birth. Her friends took to social media to condemn the managing Doctor on how she was treated and refusal to perform the surgery due to unavailability of funds.

If I were the Doctor I would have gone ahead to save her life but my concern is why did her friends keep her there if they knew she could not afford it? I mean, 450k is a lot of money and if you can’t afford it, go to a cheaper facility.

Why toy with your friend’s life? I still know of some centers in Nigeria that you can get CS done for as low as 50K.

Again we can’t say much because we don’t know what transpired between both parties.

It is my duty to let you know that WHEN ACTIVE LABOUR LASTS MORE THAN 12HOURS, you are placing the life of the baby or the mother or both of them at risk. At that point it is an emergency.

Common reasons you may be advised to have Emergency Casserian Section:

1. Distressed foetus.
2. A previous CS scar.
3. Failed induction of Labour.
4. Bleeding or cord prolapse.
5. Scan showing transverse or breech presentation.
6. Estimated size of baby is too large.
7. Twin babies are entwined.
8. Baby has a congenital abnormality such as hydrocephalus.
9. Pelvis is particularly small or an unusual shape.

Imagine the number of people that die each day due to such negligence. It was a death that could have been prevented

Enjoy the Holiday

Sola FAJANA (Dr)
Your Wellness Strategist


  • The fact is that Nigerian doctors should stop this idea of pay the money before treatment commence. It’s very callous, save the patient first and talk about the money later. Can you equate life with money? The earlier we begin to attach more importance to life than money in this country, the better for us.

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