Kid Accidentially Shoot And Kill Girlfriend On His Birthday

Shereka Fab-Ann Marsh

The 15-year old boy cannot be named due to his age, has been convicted of manslaughter and possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life. He shot his girlfriend, Shereka Fab-Ann Marsh, 15, on his birthday. She was shot at the back of the neck by a single bullet from a fake 1930’s Italian Beretta pistol which the boy was looking after in a mire of Violent Gang Confrontation.

The court sentenced the teen to a nine-year jail term, after he was cleared of murder. The teen loved Shereka and fired the gun by accident, the Jurors concluded.

The judge told the boy: ‘Having come into possession of the gun and ammunition plainly in the context of being asked to look after it … you then got it out.

“I have no doubt at all you pointed it at Shereka and pulled the trigger to frighten her and you shot her dead,” He continued.

Immediately after the boy pulled the trigger that killed Shereka, he phoned 999. She was later pronounced dead.

On his arrest at the house, the boy told officers it was ‘an accident’ and exclaimed: “Am I going to hell?”

Later he said, “my girl died on my birthday.”