Leaked Celebrity Photo Saga: Celebrities File Lawsuit Against Google, Google Responds

Rihanna Bikini stargist

Google has replied to the threats of 100 million dollars lawsuit threat by female celebrities, who were victim of the recent nude photo scandal.
A spokesperson of the company said that they had taken quick action, had removed tens of thousands of pictures within hours and had even shut down hundreds of accounts, News.com.au reported.

The internet shouldn’t be misused for stealing people’s private photos, he added.Hollywood lawyer Marty Singer, representative for a dozen of the hacked women, had sent Google a letter on October 1, which said that the company had failed “to act expeditiously, and responsibly to remove the images, but in knowingly accommodating, facilitating, and perpetuating the unlawful conduct.”

The letter also claimed that Google had made profit in millions from the “victimization of women,” and Singer had added that with the act, hackers had violated victims’ privacy, but still the internet giant hadn’t done enough to stop it. Earlier in September, nude photos of stars including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Amber Heard, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian and Cara Delevingne had gone viral on 4chan, Reddit and other sites, and the incident is said to be the biggest celebrity hacking scandal in history.

Culled from TimesofIndia.com