Military Interventions And Other Challenges Stalled Nigeria’s Development –Yuguda

Isa-YugudaGovernor Isa Yuguda of Bauchi State on Tuesday said Nigeria could have fared better in its 54 years of independence but for military interventions and some other challenges.

He, however, pointed out that the nation was on the right track as the process for the country’s development had been set in motion.

Yuguda spoke with State House correspondents shortly after meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

He said there was no way some of the challenges the nation had encountered, which had led to a lot of problems, could be dismissed with a wave of the hand.

He said, “We cannot discard some of the challenges we have had which have made the country to suffer a lot of problems which ordinarily would have made the country more developed.

“Politically, we have had a lot of military interventions in the last 54 years which had made it impossible to deepen our democracy but now we have 15 years of uninterrupted democracy and we are deepening democracy. Politically, you can see the effect of our journey towards being a democratic nation.

“For the other sectors, sadly we have also had some challenges. Economically, we have challenges when it comes to implementation of our development programmes and some of those interventions which made it impossible for us to implement development programmes.

“We certainly could have done better even when it comes to operating the structure that can fight corruption in the system, it is only as late as the year 2006, 2007 that some of these institutions that fight corruption were put in place. So even the infrastructure for fighting corruption has not been put in place for a very long time until only recently.

“You can see that some of the infrastructure that should be better managed that will lead us, improve from the agrarian status, the agricultural potentials of the country were destroyed at a point in time because so many river basins were all over the country but mismanagement of the part of the public service made it impossible for those infrastructure to survive, to drive the agricultural economy so that we would have been in a better state than we are today because all this issue of joblessness we are talking about today”.


  1. What we are still seeing in Nigeria as at today in terms of development is still Military’s hand work. Your 16 years rule is a waste of resources. You only came to destroy what the military has built.


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