Model Says She Cant Get A Job Because She Looks Exactly Like Kim Kardashian


An aspiring model named Milana Aslani is upset because she believes Kim Kardashian is destroying her career before it even gets off the ground.

Now, Kim isn’t actively doing anything to harm Aslani’s prospects. The two just look a lot alike and because of this, Aslani has missed out on modeling and acting gigs.

Specifically, Aslani claims the presence of her celebrity doppelganger prevented her from being cast on shows like “Shahs of Sunset” and “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.”

There is definitely a resemblance between the two, but really, could this be more of a non-problem?
“Oh no, I look too much like one of the most beautiful women in the world. Life is so unfair,” Aslani probably said to one of her hot model friends who may or may not look like Kate Upton.

Ebola has made its way to American shores and teenagers are being gunned down in the streets, and this woman has the nerve to complain about how much she looks like another hot, yet ultimately irrelevant, human being. The gall of some people.

Anyway, before I go off on an even longer rant, check out the photos of Aslani and judge for yourself.