Monalisa Chinda Reacts To Rumoured Reconciliation With Her Ex Husband


Monalisa Chinda and ex husband stargist

Rumours of an impending reconciliation between Nollywood actress, Monalisa Chinda and her ex husband Segun Dejo Richards with whom she had a child hit the internet some weeks back. There were claims that following pressures from her friends, relations and close associates, she had decided to end her relationship with a wealthy socialite and reconcile with her ex husband. Reacting to the reports in a recent interview with Punch, Monalisa said:

 “I heard the rumour and couldn’t help but laugh, as usual. Around here, we just write anything whenever truly confirmed stories are not readily available. Whatever I do with my private life is my business. But people are free to speculate as it is part of the business.”



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