Mum Admits Killing her 8 Year-Old Son.

ON TRIAL for murdering her 8-year-old son, pharmaceutical millionaire Gigi Jordan took the stand in her own defence overnight and unfurled a horrifying tale of torturous attempts to “cure” him of autism — culminating in a lethal dose of drugs she administered in a posh Manhattan hotel.

“Did you while Jude was in a comatose state, climb on top of him pinch his nose, grab his jaw to forcibly open his mouth and force liquefied drugs down his throat?’’ defence lawyer Allen Brenner asked.

“No I did not,’’ she said.

“Did you ever jab your elbow into his chest?’’

“No I did not,’’ she answered.

“Miss Jordan, did you give yourself and your son an amount of drugs that you believed would take your life and his?’’

“Yes, I did,’’ Ms Jordan testified. She started to cry and Justice Charles Solomon handed her a tissues.

The weepy mother confessed to taking Jude Mirra’s life in February 2010 at the swank Peninsula Hotel in New York but insists that it was a ‘mercy killing’ to spare him from abuse at the hands of almost half a dozen people.

A lethargic Ms Jordan was discovered on the floor of a posh room in the Manhattan hotel beside her son’s corpse.

For the first two years of little Jude’s life, he was a normal child, she testified.

“He was happy and playful and curious and joyful,” she said. “He’d imitate ‘The Itsy Bitsy Spider’ and that type of thing. He liked to listen to my reading books, look at the pages … He was very affectionate.”

Ms Jordan began to weep when a photo was shown of her embracing and kissing her chubby-cheeked toddler with a mop of curly brown before he developed autism symptoms.

But the boy suddenly began to regress and reverted to crawling, lost his curiosity and became all but mute, Ms Jordan said.

Living in northern California with the child’s biological father Emil Tzekov, Ms Jordan took him to a renowned autism research centre in Santa Barbara where they diagnosed him with the ailment.

But Ms Jordan didn’t believe the diagnosis and began ferrying him to experts and subjected him to arduous treatments for years, she said.

At one point she had his blood drained from a large tube near his collar bone, cleaned by a machine, and circulated back in his body.

But he still wasn’t cured. Ms Jordan then took Jude to Northwestern University where he was subjected to high-dose chemotherapy and received a bone-marrow transplant.

“They wiped out all these white cells, immune cells and hopefully whatever abnormality or disease that was going on in these cells. Then new cells would re-emerge and they wouldn’t have the same problem,” she said calmly of the extremely painful procedures.

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In December 2008, Ms Jordan said Mr Tzekov, re-entered their lives and subjected the tormented youngsters to fresh horrors.

Although little Jude was so severely disabled he couldn’t speak or write, he was miraculously able to verbalise the alleged abuse.

One night, she said, “Jude sat upright in the bed and he started screaming clearly and as perfectly as I can speak right now, ‘Dad bad! Dad bad! Dad bad,’ at the top of his lungs, she said, tearfully referring to Mr Tzekov. “Jude had never been able to articulate the word dad [before].

“[He] was whispering in my ear, not clearly, he was saying ‘dad butt,’ holding his finger and saying ‘finger finger finger,’ — he was depicting and talking about things that had been done to him,” she testified. “I was in shock.”

She asked Mr Tzekov to leave their home. But over the course of the next several months, she claimed her son mimed and typed detailed descriptions of the gruesome abuse.

He told her Mr Tzekov had shoved faeces in his mouth, stuck needles under his fingernails, and stabbed him in the hand repeatedly in addition to sexual abuse.

He told her he was also abused by his adoptive father and Ms Jordan’s ex-husband Raymond Mirra, his wife and two babysitters.



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