Nigerian Airforce Pilot Reportedly Beheaded By Boko Haram


A new video is reported to have been released to AP by Boko Haram men showing the beheading of a man said to be a military pilot who co-piloted the missing Naval air force jet.

The video also shows burnt out plane parts with Nigerian military markings. Two pilots and an Alpha jet have been missing since Sept. 11.

Below is the report from AP

A new video allegedly shows Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau disputing claims of his death, and the beheading of a man who identifies himself as the pilot of a missing Nigerian Air Force jet.It shows burnt out plane parts with Nigerian military markings, the first indication that Nigeria’s homegrown Islamic extremists have the capability to shoot down aircraft.
The man beheaded with an axe identifies himself as a wing commander, saying he has not seen his second pilot since the jet was shot down.Before his beheading, the pilot reportedly gave his name, rank and date of birth, which is 1975 and also said“I’m a pilot of the Nigerian air-force. 

On September 11th, I was assigned on a mission to Kawuri, Borno state. During the mission we were shot down and our aircraft crashed.To this day, I don’t know the whereabouts of my second pilot. I was taken into the care of (Boko Haram). At the time of the crash, I sustained cuts and broken hand and some other injuries to the head.After saying this, the pilot was forced to the ground and his head chopped off with a pick axe.

The pilot is said to have been a Wing Commander


  1. Is Nigerian air force jet missing?if no that is war propaganda he is practicing. All I can tell you is that the original Abubakar Shekau is dead,don’t allow this their to frightening you with his war propaganda.


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