Nigerian Dominic Adesanya Breaks White House Security

A Nigerian man, Dominic Adesanya, was apprehended by Secret Service agents and dogs after jumping the White House fence.

The 23-year-oldAdesanya around 7.15pm yesterday, on October 22nd, scaled the fence on the North Lawn of the building and walked about 20 yards past the fence before he was caught by Secret Service and dogs.


Adesanya was unarmed at the time of the accident but the White House was placed under a 90-minute lockdown as a safety measure.

Video of the episode taken by TV news cameras shows a man in white shorts just inside the White House fence on Pennsylvania Avenue.

The recording shows the man lifting his shirt as if to show agents that he has no arms. The man is then seen kicking and then evidently punching at least one Secret Service dog that was released on him before he is surrounded by agents.


  • He is on his own and that won’t make a big difference on the image of Nigeria. Why? This is because not too long ago, a female Nigerian was the best graduating student in the USA and the convocation was attended by Michelle Obama. So, if Dominic Adesanya decided to be stupid enough to jump the fence of the White House, he should be ready to face the dire consequences all alone. On a parting note, how come that the fool was not electrocuted or does the White House not have electric fences?

  • A Nigerian female student was the best graduating student in one of the universities in the USA and not the best graduating student in the USA.

  • I understood that is only the thieves amd Robbers that enters through fence and window.You did not tell us his mission in the white house,I ‘ll like to know his intention for entering there.

  • Like the terrorists Nigerian guys is not enough bad name enough now this lunatic. He should be tried for B&E and allowed to come and spend time in a Nigerian Prison, Kirikiri would suffice. Sadly, he is a Nigerian

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