Nigerians Are Guilty Of Destroying The Country’s Image Internationally – TB Joshua

Nigerians are destroying the image of the country before the international community, with negative comments targeted at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Ikotun Egbe, Lagos, following the collapse of a guest house at the church.

Founder of SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua has therefore slammed negative comments in video clip sermon posted on the church’s Facebook page.

According to Joshua, in the sermon titled “A cloud that covers Nigeria has closed my mouth,” trouble was near in the country.

“I just came back from Colombia. Although, I intended to travel from there to another country, but I came back home because there is a cloud that covers Nigeria. I want to witness how this cloud will dispel. Cloud means trouble.

“Look at what is happening here (in SCOAN), you will not see it on a national TV but if you learn that they bombed here, one of you will call CNN that they have bombed Synagogue. All what is happening, you will never see it on the pages of national or international newspapers. You will never see every good thing that happens here (in SCOAN) on these media channels,” Joshua said.

He accused Nigerians of being the ones who inform the international media on bad happenings in the country, warning however that those who do so “are destroying your country, selling your country for nothing. It is a very painful thing. You are the ones destroying your country, you, Nigerians.”

“The image you are giving to your country is bad. You destroy your image. You say your nation is bad, everything is bad, even anything good is bad. I am telling you something far, but now, I am telling you something as close as my mouth.

“One thing is clear, I have never seen where lies overcome truth. Take note of that. I have never seen where lies overcome truth. Truth will always prevail. I pray, Father, let your will be done, in Jesus’ name.”


  1. I don’t really know why people cannot say thank GOD for all the good testimony that GOD has been using his servant TB Joshua to do in this nation, but just the small plans of the devil against the man of GOD, that GOD delivered him from, instead of you to thank GOD for him, you are there using wrong words against him, remember no one curse a man of GOD and go free, and any careless word you use against a man of GOD shall be use against you on the judgement day, may GOD forgive you all, but you need to learn how to speak good words about men of GOD.


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