Nurse ‘killed 38 patients because she found them annoying’


A nurse has been arrested for killing nearly 40 patients because she found them ‘annoying’, it has been claimed.

Daniella Poggiali is alleged to have found patients or their families irritating.

The 42-year-old is in custody over the death of Rosa Calderoni, 78, who died from a lethal dose of potassium, believed to have been delivered by injection.

Further investigations discovered that she was not the only patient to have died mysteriously and she is now facing the possibility of being linked with another 38 deaths.

Rosa had been admitted to hospital for diabetes-related problems, but her visit should have been routine.

But she died from a cardiac arrest, sparking the investigation.

It is also alleged by one of her colleagues that Poggiali gave laxatives to other patients to make work harder for people working after her.

Poggiali works at Lugo Hospital, Italy, and investigations are taking place to find out how she might have come to get the potassium injections.

Chief prosecutor Alessandro Mancini told Libero Quotidiano: ‘The current patients of the hospital are not in any danger, if only because the suspect is not currently in service.’

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