Ogbe Promises To Declare Jonathan A National Hero If He Brings Back Chibok Girls

Former National Chairman of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Audu Ogbe has vowed to declare President Goodluck Jonathan a national hero if the ongoing truce talks with the Boko Haram could yield fruits and the abducted Chibok girls released.

“Finally, the truce which government says is coming. If it comes through, we can assure the Federal government that all Nigerians, all of us, irrespective of party leaning will march on the streets to congratulate the President and his Government, especially the security agencies. He will then be our national hero”, he said.

Ogbe also congratulated the Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Kenneth Minimah and the entire security apparatus in the country for the successes recorded so far in the fight against insurgency in Nigeria.

“…one would openly like to congratulate General Minimah,” he said, but advised the military to apply caution over the ceasefire announced by the federal government.

“His arrival has shown a clear difference. We are proud of him and pray for him. But we also want to warn and caution that the truce may end up as hoax. It is already being violated.

Ogbe expressed doubt about the claim of the Boko Haram negotiators that the girls were alive and well in captivity.

“And for the girls, one wonders if the claim by the so called representatives of Boko Haram that they are safe and will be brought back is to be believed.

“Are they in one hostel somewhere from where they will be returned as we are being told? From the stories being told by those who escaped, the situation may not be as rosy as expected.

He said Nigerians should prepare for the worst, as the girls may not be in good condition as claimed by the Islamists.

“We may have to prepare ourselves for shocks and more misery when we find that the young girls have been ruined.”

He expressed support for the security operatives working in the north east.

“To the gallant security operatives, we express our support and praise, given the extreme difficulties and danger which they face daily fighting to secure our fatherland. Let them also be very wary and not let down their guards because after all, Boko Haram have not laid down their arms. Optimism must therefore remain very cautious,” he cautioned.


  1. Jonathan negotiates with boko haram, boko haram fathers says he is negotiating with wrong people, Jonathan said boko haram are faceless, boko fathers said he is not ready to dialogue. None of them have ever come out and say i am ready to take you to the leader of boko haram. Which i know that is one of your children that you knows the father the mother and the compound he was born. Buhari was once called to lead the government for the negotiation he rejected the request and yet he is warming up to make life better if elected the next president. which means he does not have that compassion naturally to help the northern killing only if he becomes president that he can tell his boys to stop the war. ok oo lets watch.