Photo: Nigerian couple welcome Octuplets in South Africa


A Nigerian man named Raphael Agha and his wife welcomed Octuplets (8 children at once) in a hospital in Pretoria, South Africa recently. Above is the pic of 6 of the Agha children inside their incubators. The other two babies were not responding well so they moved them to a better equipped facility in Johannesburg. Please pray for all eight of them. Welcome to the world, beautiful children.


  1. Oh! God of mercy u ar wonderful, u dt gv life to d woman dt gv birth to dis miracle babies will also gv them life to live in jesus name. Amen

  2. Whatever it cost God to bring this miracle forth will make him to strengthen and keep them all alive for his glorious name sake. Amen

  3. May God almighty preserve these children and also the parents in good health and peace. And may this miracle be a point of contact for everyone looking unto God for children that he will surprise them soonest in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.


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