Pregnancy: The Physical Aftermath No One Tells You About

No one really tells you what happens after you have a baby. But, there are changes — lots of them!

A woman’s body goes through numerous changes as it grows, nourishes and protects a baby. It seems Hollywood wants us all to believe that we should be perfectly sculpted shortly after creating and birthing a human! This is not reality. What really happens afterward? Does your body go back to normal? Can you still wear your pre-pregnancy clothes?

Here are a few likely changes:

Wider hips.

Dough-like stomach or stretched out skin that exercising will not fully eradicate.

Stretch marks — and not just on your stomach. That’s right, you can get them other places — like your breasts and legs. Thank you engorgement and water retention!

Your body is different and you feel different. Even though you might fit your clothes after birth, they may not suit your body any longer or your ideals.

New and seasoned mothers should all happily and proudly embrace our baby bumps, like Garner did, as well as the other changes that happen. Our post-pregnancy bodies are beautiful because they created something beautiful — our children.



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