“She’s not that girly” Kim K says daughter prefers boyish clothes


Kim Kardashian says her 16 months old daughter North West has developed her own unique style and prefers the masculine, boyish clothes to girly, pink dresses. Kim explains;

“She’s not that girly, I don’t really like pinks and your typical girly colours. I like a neutral palette for her and with Kayne the same. I’m not big on loud or over the top colours. I love when she wears greens and reds and blush, just different colours of blue and creams. She doesn’t like pink or purple. She likes greys, creams, oatmeal colours and black,’ she told Lucky magazine.
“Every once in awhile she’ll add in some colour, like with her little red Air Yeezys, but other than that she likes to keep it pretty simple.’

Is it that she prefers it or that’s what they put on her? Can a 1 year old have their own sense of style?

Source: LIB