Sleeping with your phone on charge could make you fat

Young couple in bed, woman asleep, man using mobile phone, night

It may be wise to unplug once you’ve hit the sheets, especially if you’re trying to watch your figure.

Scientists in Spain have found that the artificial light emitted from the screens of phones, tablets, televisions and laptops inhibits the production of a hormone that combats obesity.

Melatonin, which is present in plants, animals and humans, regulates sleep patterns and boosts metabolism.

If you’re sleeping with a buzzing monitor, then the production of the hormone will be disrupted, slowing your metabolism and making you susceptible to weight gain.

Professor Ahmad Agil, who led the study, told the Independent that ‘artificial lighting during the night…reduces the levels of endogenous melatonin,’ meaning the bodies organisms fail to produce as much.

I wouldn’t worry too much though. Your phone’s screen probably switches off when you’re not using it – whether it’s charged or not

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