So sad! Popular dancer Kemi Omotoyinbo dies during child birth


Popular dancer, choreographer and part actress Kemi Omotoyinbo has died. The beautiful lady who danced for several popular musicians including Pasuma, KWAM 1 and Shina Peters, died during childbirth in a private hospital in Lagos yesterday October 1st exactly 20 days after her wedding to husband Godwin Eloanyi, which was on September 13th.

According to her friends, Kemi was in and out of labour for several days in a private hospital and when she couldn’t give birth the natural way, doctors said she would have to do a C&S. The doctors told her the operation would cost N450k and demanded an initial deposit of N300k before they do it.

According to Kemi’s friends, the husband couldn’t come up with the money immediately but begged the hospital to carry on with the operation that he would pay the next day (October 1st) but the hospital insisted on the deposit and refused to carry out the operation. Sadly, Kemi passed away last night.

How one of her friends told the story of what happened to Kemi

“Kemi wouldn’t have died if the doctors did pay attention to her. She was in labour for several days and was asked to pay certain amount of money before she could be operated upon. The truth is that Kemi was in labour for over one week. She tried in vain to give birth the normal way but the baby just didn’t come.

Eventually the doctor told her she would have to go through C&S. It was termed emergency C&S. The hospital told her husband that they would have to pay a sum of 450,000 for her to be operated upon. He also said that before anything could be done they would have to make a deposit of 300,000. The husband made several efforts to raise 300,000 but deposited all he had. He begged the doctors to please go ahead with the operation and would pay before the next day. That was on October 1st , the night she died.”
“Kemi’s husband said he would pay the money the next day but the doctor refused and stated categorically that he would not move an inch else he pays 300,000. It was at that point Kemi decided to forward messages to people she knows so she could get help. She got responses that money would be made available to her the next day. On hearing that the husband went to beg the doctors again, still they refused. No bank was opened and nothing could be done until Thursday October 2nd but unfortunately she gave up the ghost that night. My point is, the doctors knew she had to go through emergency C&S. they could have saved her life and get the money later.  Nigeria is a very bad country I must confess.” one of her friends said

Truly sad! May her soul rest in peace…amen.


  • God! Is vry un4tunate dt dear Kemi has 2 pass away lyk ds. I tink d said stupid doctor shd b prosecuted 4 neglegence of duty n oat takin as a medical practioner. Kemi,is a pity ur way parted lyk ds. Jst kno dt we luvd u bt God luvs u most. I could reflet those days u do kom 2 ma oas 2 visit ur closest frind Supuruchi ma younger sista in ur secondary sch days. RIP kemi n may God giv ur husband n family d fprtitude 2 bear d lost.

  • They sud av taken her away to another private hospital since dat one refuse to render help, dat why we always advices our pregancy women most especialy firt experience like dis to go to both hospital on medical nd ile alagbo on sprituals both will nw work together on delivary day but nowadays we ar try to keep away for culture which is most essencial .I pray may her sowl rest in perfect peace a bread winner of d family omase oooo .

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