South American Lungfish Removed From Man’s Bowels


A Brazilian who needed to have a large eel-like fish removed from his bowels had the ultimate insult added to his injuries: The nurses were laughing at him during the operation.

The unidentified man from Londrina somehow got a South American Lungfish stuck inside his anus and the removal was filmed.

Once inside, the lungfish decided to stay, necessitating his surgery at Hospital Universitário in Londrina, according to

The doctors were able to remove the foot-long fish, but at the expense of the patient’s dignity.

The video was first posted in December, but is starting to go viral after being posted on

In the video, people can be heard laughing and gasping as the lungfish is finally pulled out from the patient’s intestines. Many of the observers can be seen filming the procedure.

Having an eel stuck where the sun doesn’t shine is strange enough, but, more bizarrely, this isn’t an isolated event.

In April, 2013, a man in China’s southeastern Guangdong province admitted himself to a local hospital after he reportedly got a live eel stuck inside him. The man inserted the 20-inch-long Asian swamp eel into his anus after seeing it done in a porn movie, and he had to endure all-night surgery to have it extracted.

In 2012, a New Zealand man had to have an eel removed from his posterior. In 2010, a Chinese man died after his friends allegedly inserted an eel into his rectum as a joke.