Suspect Found ‘Enjoying A Bowl Of Salad’ Inside Someone’s Wardrobe


Lettuce hope he at least got to finish his meal.

A wanted man in Tennessee was found”enjoying a bowl of salad” inside a closet in another person’s home, McMinn County Sheriff Joe Guy told WRCB.

Timothy Black, 54, was wanted in Monroe County on charges of shoplifting and theft over $1,000. An investigation led deputies to a home in McMinn County, where they say Black was hiding inside an unlit closet, with a bowl of salad in hand.

Sheriff Guy told WRCB that a responding deputy had to tell Black to put his fork down because it “could potentially be used as a weapon.”

Guy had a point —- in 2012, a Maryland woman was arrested on Thanksgiving after allegedly stabbing her half-brother with a serving fork.

And as the sheriff also noted, “At least he was eating healthy.” Some suspects are just not as nutrition-conscious, like the North Dakota burglar who broke into a woman’s home, microwaved some bacon, and pilfered three cans of beer.

Black was booked Oct. 10, according to the McMinn County Sheriff’s office.