This Is The ‘Most Dangerous Road’ In The World

The North Yungas Road

Daredevils are always up for something scary when they travel, whether it involves doing a handstand on a sheer cliff, going rope jumping on a Greek isle or “just” zip lining over a pit of alligators.

But there’s something scarier than doing any of those activities, and it involves something most people do every day without thinking twice– driving.

If you’re on North Yungas Road in Bolivia, driving is something totally different because it involves what most people consider the most dangerous road in the world.

North Yungas Road is nicknamed El Camino de la Muerte (“The Road of Death”), a name that is, of course, fitting for the accidents and unfortunate incidents that occur regularly on the road.

But despite its dire nickname, the road remains invaluable for getting from La Paz to apart of the Amazon rainforest and for its own kind of extreme tourism — it has apparently gained notoriety among adventure-seeking cyclists.

The road itself has a 2,000-foot drop on one side and mountain on the other. As the road is incredibly narrow, passing cars must negotiate with other cars, crazy cyclists and the extreme weather.

And just as a reminder that you’re not going on any regular road trip, some drivers pray before they begin their route. One thing’s for sure — easily distracted drivers, watch out!


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