UNILAG Beauty Queen Rewarded A Car, When Intellectual Contest Winner – Just A computer

The winner of the 2014 beauty contest of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) was presented with a luxurious new car and provided some other unnamed perks.

The generous reward granted to the 4th-year student Damilare Babajide was considered by some to be too much in the situation when the winners of the more challenging UNILAG debate contest receive mere computer and some cash, according to Sahara Reporters.


A lecture, who pleaded for anonymity, lamented over the issue recalling the prize given to the September 10 winner of the debate competition. The winner of the debate contest Zainab Olaitan received N100,000 and a laptop.


The last year’s winner was awarded even less cash, N50,000.

The lecturer said:

“I understand that the university management was planning to give the same paltry sum of N50,000 cash prize this year to the winner of the debate, but decided to double the cash prize because of criticisms from some lecturers and student leaders.”


It was not possible to find out the exact sum received by the beauty queen, who however called the perks “encouraging” while interviewed by Sahara Reporters correspondent.

See the video below:

Several other students who commented on the huge gap between rewards for beauty and intellectual contests, said that such outcome is likely to affect the academic morale of alumni.

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  • No doubt, this much affect the moral of study mostly among the lady. looking to the present situation of this country today and world at large we all cry EVD. if some ppl has not be on sleepness night, strugle with seriously fighting to find way out how to arrest this Epidemic virus. who we come out for entertament, go to country like Liberia, S/Lone, see how ppl runing away from each others i believe those one we not think of entertament. well in my conclution i believe all the dark story we ve being hearing about adultry, prostitution, in our institution is coming out to light. if not so there is no reason of proud of somebody who aboundon, her study just for painting and at end we will now blame lectural of sleeping with student So, or a female student his rape. so who cause it, bcos they have being wearing pant all over campous. that judgement giv to a debate winner is wrong, not encouraging at all.

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