We are Sorry Nigerians, Says Keshi, Enyeama

Coach Stephen Keshi and captain Vincent Enyeama have apologised to Nigerians for the stunning 1-0 defeat by Sudan in Khartoum on Saturday.

The Super Eagles returned to the country on Sunday morning to be met by an unfriendly reception from fans at the Nnamdi Azikwe Airport following their disappointing performance in Khartoum less than 24 hours ago.

The 52-year-old tactician, while addressing a handful of sports journalists, rued a couple of wasted chances early into the crucial 2015 Afcon qualifying match and says the team will bounce right back on Wednesday when the host the Sudanese in a return leg fixture.

Vincent Enyeama Apologises to Nigerians After Khartoum Disappointment.
Vincent Enyeama Apologises to Nigerians After Khartoum Disappointment.

“I must ask you to help me apologise to Nigerians for this loss because they have so much belief in this team and here we are disappointing them,” Keshi said.

“The day was simply not ours, because we had a couple of early chances that we would have used to bury the game but the ball simply refused to enter into the net.

“Once again on behalf of the team I want to apologise to Nigerians and promise them we will make an immediate amend come Wednesday.

“This is the first time I am doing this in my entire career as a player and coach.”

Goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama added: “We didn’t go out there to lose to Sudan but it has happened and that is now history and I apologise on behalf of my teammates for that but we must quickly forgive and forget because we have a game on Wednesday and if we win that and our last two games, we will still be in Morocco.

“Let Nigerians forgive us and also pray for us to win our remaining games.”


  1. Keshi must be very stupid if he thinks he and his entire mediocre crew can play on d intelligence of more than 160 millions Nigerians.Qualifying matches all over the world is being prosecutedby experienced players,the coach can gamble with rookies during friendlies,I think its time for change in d bench

  2. Keshi should know by now that he can’t always be right. He’s always putting on airs, even in the face of glaring misadventures. He can’t just continue to toy with our collectve emotion. He should kindly take a walk.

  3. @ Aaron, Osaze is injured and will be out till after the Nations Cup. In as much as I dont disrespect any player but my opinion is that Keshi needs help with his selection of Players?


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