Who Owns The Jet That Hovered Around Synagogue Building Before Collapse?

A question being raised in some quarters over the ownership of the jet that flew close to the building of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Lagos, which later collapsed, has been echoed by some physically challenged, who claimed to have benefited a lot from Pastor TB Joshua, who founded the church.

Some of them who were on wheel chairs, stormed the court where the coroner inquest into the collapse commenced yesterday, carrying placards with various inscriptions such as: “Who is the owner of the private jet that flew close to the building; CCTV footage can’t tell lies. Please investigate; Tell us the truth: Structural defect or a controlled blast’ “Why targeting foreigners; It is controlled demolition, not structural failure; Tell us the truth, what collapsed the building; Awareness matters, don’t give way to terrorists.”

While much has been said about the construction of the building, which was said to have not followed set standards, nothing much have been said about the aircraft which Joshua alleged hovered round the building prior to its collapse.

The SCOAN founder had claimed that it was the hovering of the plane that led to the building collapse, but experts said it was not a possible occurence and blamed the church for building more storeys than planned for in the foundation, which they argued led to the collapse.

Meanwhile, the coroner inquest into the collapsed building has commenced, with Coroner Judge, Magistrate Oyetade Komolafe requesting the South Africa government to allow families of the deceased to donate blood for DNA test towards identifying the victims. Over 80 South Africans were killed in the building collapse.

Komolafe said he will facilitate early release of their corpses for burial once they have been identified. He explained that the DNA examination was a major aspect of the inquest, noting that it would be difficult for the pathologists to carry out their work if the deceased relatives were not available to identify their deceased relations.

“I sympathize with the families of the victims as well as South Africa government, but I want to seize this opportunity to state the importance of the DNA to this inquest.

“Relatives of victims should donate blood to enable the pathologists identify the bodies. The medical team and pathologists are working because the court has directed them to carry out the activities and report back.

“It is important for the South African embassy to ensure that relatives of the victims come forward for the pathologist to get the needed samples to compare with the bodies.

“Those corpses have to be properly identified and when that is done and the process completed, the bodies will be released to the South African government and they can take them home if they so wish.

“We have to work together. We should not allow anything to cause misunderstanding between Nigeria and South Africa because we are one, at least we are blacks. Please, let us work together to make this process a success,” he said.


  1. why the cover up? lets carry out a structural audit of the building. are we illiterates? The building was poorly constructed with substandard materials. you can tell from the quality of the mix and reinforcement. Was the structure approved for construction? They dont even have an approved building plan. Joshua is a quack and must be charged for manslaughter. Whoever originated this article is as stupid and devilish as the lawyer to TB joshua who was talking rubbish on tv yesterday. Hell is waiting for these crooks who are trying to divert attention from their heinous crime against humanity. Try another story. we cant be deceived

  2. Often time we speak when we don’t even have enough information. We speak rashly and harshly and lateron we regret when we know better.

    We want to attack a personality – we want to ‘do justice’ when we don’t even have our data right. We talk of building collapse due to structural failure but ignore the intrusion of a strange aircraft hovering over the same building. Has it ever occured before?

    We need to rethink our speeches and see if all what we say is right.


  3. Like my mentor( snr Prophet T.B Joshua) would say, “I have never seen where lies overcomes the truth. No matter how long a lie is sustained, the TRUTH shall someday prevail. Stop fighting the truth!”
    It is never posible for smoke to be locked indoor.
    Don’t forget ‘Our God will get back to them’!!!


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