Why FG/Boko Haram Ceasefire Pact Is A Scam – Shehu Sani

Abubakar Shekau-GEJThe Executive Director of the Kaduna based Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria, Comrade Shehu Sani, Sunday, has described the purported ceasefire agreement between the federal government and Boko Haram sect as a complete fraud.

Sani, who had in the past initiated talks between former President Olusegun Obasanjo and leaders of the Boko Haram sect, said, “It is either government sat with fake persons or the government is part of the forgery.

“The person who made the claim of speaking on behalf of the group is a fraud”.

Sani recalled that it was not the first time the Nigerian government had fallen into such a trap of a ceasefire pact, which turned out to be a hoax.

He said: “In 2012, one Abdulaziz made claim of speaking on behalf of the group and said they had reached a ceasefire over five times, the group disclaimed the ceased fire. In 2013, one Muhammad Marwana also claimed to have spoken on behalf of the group and reached a ceasefire; that turned out to be a fraud”.

He picked holes with the current ceasefire deal based on a number of reasons.

“Number one is that the person addressed himself and the group as Boko Haram while the group does not address itself as Boko Haram.

“Two, he claimed to speak for the group, while it is only the leader of the group that has always spoken for the group. And he even went further by making statements such as ‘our government’, ‘our country’. These are words that the group does not consider using”, he said, adding: “I think government has fallen into a scam or it is part of the scam. Hassan Tukur should be able to explain further”.

The rights activist said he believes that the journalist, Ahmed Salkida, is still the credible go-to person as far as the issue of Boko Haram is concerned.


  1. Must our government let there self to beaten more than ones before they learn. Just a simple procedures to follow, yet they act like kids!

  2. Ohhhhhh, Jonathan again I’m sick and tired of his clueless governing system, but wait let me ask a questions is it that Goodluck don’t know the truth of this boko haram matter or is he taking for fools, what do you expect us to think? That you’re helping the country get better or you think you’re fooling us because you want at all course to win the 2015 reelection? No its not the way you think that we think, 1. Few months a go you said it your self that boko haram are unfaceable and that your government can not identify who are boko harams as the refused to disclose themselves for any negotiation. 2. Don’t you think as a president that boko harams activities became bloody and deadly that they did not deserve any armnesty? And they deserved punishment for their actions agains this country as a nation? 3. How many lives are perished,how many government properties were damaged,how many citizens were displaced from their respective homes and their properties damaged,what have you (GEJ) done to help those people that you want them to come out and stand under sun for hours because of you 4. Do you think you’re worthy of nigerians vote or do you want us to watch you smougle all our votes into your pockets and declear yourself a president again and you expect us to do nothing? Just done even west your time deciving yourself on a ceasefire deal with lier lier boko haram, this are the people we knew can never come to government easily for any peace or ceasefire negotiation so stop fooling yourself we nigerians knew the truth and we will never be afraid to say it, its our right and we will fear no one on that fact. hahaha POLITICS AND POLITICIANS Using our lives, our resource for political baid, hmmm

  3. But if I may ask again GEJ then tell nigerians who are those Boko haram known members that your government is having the ceasefire negotiation with since before they did not appear for negotiation now that they appear for it we as nigerians who vote for you to become a president deserved the right to know them, or is it true as you told nigerians that your cabnet is full with Boko haram members that is why you don’t want nigerians to know?


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