Why Jonathan Entered Ceasefire Agreement With Boko Haram

Mike Omeri, Coordinator of National Information Centre has explained why President Goodluck Jonathan entered into ceasefire deal with Islamist sect, saying it was due to the commitment of the president to ending insurgency.

Although the government has never hid its sentiments against negotiating with terrorists, Omeri noted that security and peace in Nigeria is the driving force for all engagements and negotiations with the insurgents.

“We can confirm to you that there have been contacts between the government and representatives of the Boko Haram,” Omeri said.

“The discussions are essentially in the relation to the general insecurity in the North-East and also the need to rescue all captives of the terrorists, including the students of Government Secondary School, Chibok.

“From the discussion, they, terrorists, indicated their desire for and willingness to discuss and resolve all associated issues,” he said.

According to him, as part of the negotiations that led to the deal, the terrorists gave assurance that the Chibok girls and others held captive by the Islamist sect were in good condition.

“Already, the terrorists have announced a ceasefire in furtherance of their desire for peace. In this regard, the government of Nigeria has, in similar vein, declared ceasefire,” he said.

Omeri therefore assured Nigerians that the government’s goal for entering into the deal is to ensure peace rewturns to the affected areas and the country at large.

The deal seemed to be the result of President Goodluck jonathan’s recent trip to chad, as Omeri said that the negotiation was being facilitated by President Idris Derby of Chad.

Omeri clarified however that Boko Haram gave no condition for the release of the girls and others held captive.


  1. Oritjeshafor’s plane belongs to GEJ. Its failures in SA has brought BH to a standstill which has made a ceasefire compelling because of shortages of weapons and funds.
    If SA hurriedly returns the $15m, it could be used by GEJ to acquire weapons for BH elsewhere to continue it’s terrorist action. SA shld please hold the money for a little while so that the Nigerian military could consolidate on the ceasefire.
    God’s punishment will soon catch them all, including Dokubo, as it happened to their friend, Mohammed Yusuf. May God bless SA. May God bless d FR of Nigeria.