World’s First Transplant Baby Delivered


The world’s first womb swap baby, named as Vincent, has been delivered using an unrelated donor in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The 36-year-old woman gave birth to the world’s first womb transplant baby using his friend’s womb. The boy has been called Vincent – a name derived from the Latin for ‘to conquer’ – to mark the extraordinary lengths his mother undertook to have him.

Vincent’s mother was devastated when she was told at the age of 15 that she did not have a womb. She was able to carry her own child after a 61-year-old friend offered to donate her womb. Despite being long past menopause, her womb worked normally during the pregnancy.

The donor’s womb from the 61-year-old woman has been removed – and transplanted in Vincent’s mother. Born by C-section two months prematurely, Vincent weighed just under 1,8 kg. Now the miracle baby is breastfeeding and growing well.Vincent’s father said: “We now have the most amazing baby. He’s no different from any other child, but he will have a good story to tell.”

"As soon as I felt this perfect baby boy on my chest, I had tears of happiness and enormous relief. "

His mother said: “As soon as I felt this perfect baby boy on my chest, I had tears of happiness and enormous relief. I felt like a mother the first time I touched my baby and was amazed that we finally did it. I have always had this large sorrow because I never thought I would be a mother – and now the impossible has become real.”

Now doctors are preparing for two more arrivals – but this time each one is being nurtured in its grandmother’s womb. The pregnancies are part of a revolutionary Swedish project to allow childless women to fulfil their dream of starting a family. The extraordinary procedure means each womb will have carried two generations of the same family.

Eventually, the technique could also be used on women who have been born without an organ or have suffered the agony of repeated miscarriages. Using a donated womb also means that expectant mothers can have babies that are genetically their own and experience the joys of pregnancy.


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