2015: Buhari Solicits For Campaign Funds On Facebook


Former Head of State and All Progressives Congress, APC, presidential aspirant, General Muhammadu Buhari is soliciting for funds on social media ahead of the 2015 presidential election. He plans to use any amount raised to fund his presidential campaign.

Buhari wrote on his Facebook page, as he solicited for sacrificial giving from his supporters. He said although he recognises their already difficult living conditions, the sacrifice was needed in order to end the reign of the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

His message: “As we have made it clear, our campaign is going to be funded, planned and run by ordinary Nigerian citizens like you. This is in recognition of your role as biggest stakeholders capable of changing the course of history of this great yet badly run nation.

“In this regard, we launch our crowd funding platform through which every Nigerian can contribute his token towards shaping the destiny of this country. Here are the details:

Account Name: Buhari Support Organizations

Account Number: 2026724405

Bank: First Bank Nigeria

Sort Code: 011150000

“Dear friends, I know what it means to ask citizens over 60 percent of whom live on less than $1 per day to donate for this campaign. I know many of you are finding it difficult to pay your rents, school and medical bills, to buy the fuel to cook your food, light up your homes or power your vehicles. I know how it hurts and I know you have suffered enough.

“But that little contribution – that little sacrifice you make is an investment in the future that, come 2015, will usher in a new era for our country, one that promises jobs and opportunities for anyone willing to work hard, and peace and prosperity for all.

“So when you look at that little amount of money you are parting with, and the money our opponents are offering you for your votes, think not about the nominal value, think about the choice you are making, and that choice is very clear; either you put your money for a change you trust in, or for four more years of insecurity, corruption and bad leadership under President Jonathan.

“Our opponents have huge financial resources, I have only you and God, and I trust that our struggle will triumph. Our opponents have foreign bank accounts and possessions to run to when they destroy this country, me and you have only this Nigeria to live and die in. So let’s join our hands to make it better.

“Thank you and God bless.



  1. New way of destroying nigeria,,all d money u’ve been using to sponosor boko boys is hooking up abi? U’ve been stealing from us and nw u want to subtlely collect our money wt our eyes open…all does pple in d refugee camps,all those care by VOM and all those who lost their loved ones as a rusult of ur secret dids and hatred toward jonathan and christians as a whole is nothing to u.u wil never win,u hav to repent and tink of something else nt nigerian seat again.

  2. If this is true, and not another propaganda to discredit Buhari, then it’s high time Nigerians realised that the end to corruption has come! Buhari could have easily asked the rich men and women of Nigeria for fund but he has chosen to go to us all because he believes that Nigeria belongs to us all. He believes in democracy – the government of the people by the people and for the people. Assuming people donate anonymously and assuming that Buhari is our president in 2015, then he owes us nothing but good governance. Whereas, if the donors were known rich individuals, then he is likely to be influenced by those individuals in his plans for Nigerians. Please Nigerians, this is no time to mock Buhari but to read between lines. If Buhari had starched some money away whilst he was in office, would he had borrowed to buy his party nomination form? Would he had gone public to seek funding for his campaign? Besides, Buhari brought sanity and discipline to Nigeria whilst he was the president of Nigeria. Of course, there were things said and done that could be considered as not so good whilst he was in office but people do learn from the past and do things differently when given another chance. But one thing is sure, Buhari will not tolerate any form of corruption in Nigeria if elected in 2015 because I believe that he hates corruption and given the chance, WILL end it by all legal and legitimate means.


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