2face Idibia Regrets Fathering Children With Three Different Women


image+(62) I Wish All My Children Came From One Woman – 2Face Idibia

Nigerian music icon,2face Idibia says he regrets having his seven children from different mothers.While speaking at a press conference recently, 2face Idibia said;

“I didn’t plan to have kids from different women. But it has happened and I’m just taking it the way it is. But if you ask me what I wish, I will say ah, I for like make all of dem (children) come from one person. Yes!”

He further revealed : “You know like I said, me and music, it wasn’t a coincidence. So, I have never, never thought of doing anything else. But there was one point in time that I was really, really into football and na goal keeper I be dat time. So, I been dey think am say if music no work, I go just enter football just turn to goal keeper peacefully (Laughs).” He stated.

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