4 Reasons To Be Thankful You Are Single

admin-ajax-php-92The holiday season can be tough for those of us who are still single and don’t have a special someone to share it with. There you are, surrounded by friends and family who are all happily married or well on their way to the altar.

I’ve learned that despite how it may feel sometimes, being single during the holidays doesn’t have to be a lonely time. In fact, it can be an opportunity to be thankful for what you do have instead of lamenting over what you do not have.

So here are four things to count as blessings this Thanksgiving even while single:

1. Be thankful that you’re surrounded by love.

I have to admit, I used to be envious of couples who had what I didn’t. But here’s the great thing about that: you get to learn what it takes to have a lasting relationship. And if it’s true that birds of a feather flock together, then eventually that relationship thing will “rub off” on you and your special someone will come into your life–and not a moment too soon.

2. Be thankful that you have time and space to do you.

When we focus on not being in a relationship, we miss the opportunity to use that same focus to become the best of who we can be. We were created to fulfill a purpose. The more comfortable we are in being alone, the more fulfilled we can be doing what brings us joy.

3. Be thankful that you can deepen your spiritual walk.

Not being in a relationship has given me a chance to go deeper in my prayer life. Whether it’s praying for God to hurry up and send my husband already, or praying for patience while I wait, me and Jesus have become real tight. And that’s cool because He can take whatever I dish out. I’m truly thankful for that relationship which has shown me what I should expect and what I deserve from my future mate.

4. Be thankful that you can look without feeling guilty.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge fan of Idris Elba. So much so that when an ex saw him on my computer as a screensaver, he got jealous and asked if I was seeing someone else. Clearly, he had no clue who Idris was. So now that I’m single, I’m thankful that God made man and he was good. And I can look all I want without having to explain, well…my screensaver.

Sometimes, we get so caught up in what we don’t have that we lose sight of our blessings. As so many of my friends have told me, love will find you when you least expect it–and when you’re in the right place to receive it. In the meantime, be thankful for the fact that you get to enjoy your life right where you are. It’s a choice, and one I’m grateful that I get to make every single day.

SOURCE: boldandfearless.me