5 Ways to Be Happily Married When Your Wife Makes More Money

If you find that you and your spouse are feeling disconnected because of the income gap in your marriage, think about the following.

1. You are on the same team. If you chose your spouse to be your “ride-or-die,” then what difference does it matter that one brings in more than the other? What should only matter is that the income is coming in. As a team with a common goals and dreams, the more income you bring in will ensure that your family wins in the savings game, the investment game, and the homeownership game.

2. Different industries pay differently. Some female breadwinners may look down on their husbands because they equate their lower salary to laziness and lack of work ethic. This, however, is not true. Some industries and jobs have different starting salaries and different salary ceilings. Wouldn’t it be unfair for an female investment banker wife to get mad at her high school teacher husband about his pay size?

3. Get a second job. If the earning power of your wife is making you feel in some kind of way, consider getting another job. It may allay some of your anxiety around leadership and your masculinity.

4. Make each other feel good about what they contribute. Financial situations change. Your wife may be breadwinner now, but there may be a downturn in the field or a decision to stay home to take care of children. When financial roles reverse, it is important that each of you supported one another throughout your respective career curves and turns. If she was the breadwinner, a husband should be her cheerleader and best fan. Likewise, the female breadwinner should be thankful and appreciative of the fact that her husband goes to work everyday. In short, make each other feel important and valued in how they contribute to the home.

5. Redefine traditional roles: It is common thinking that men are supposed to be providers. But what does that mean? Is providing only a financial support? If you wife makes more money than it is obvious that she will not need that type of provision. But maybe she needs emotional and spiritual support.

Source: The frugal feminista

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